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Firstly, guqin can be divided into several categories due to its price: 1. Master qin (usually priced at around 50000 to 500000 yuan, with a surface of raw paint, an old cedar wood panel, a catalpa wood base, wrapped in summer cloth, and a gray body made of raw paint mixed with deer antler frost. The craftsmanship is generally good. After all, this price range is good, but with the endorsement of the master, the cost-effectiveness is not high, and there is not much room for appreciation.) 2 Pure handmade old cedar lacquer guqin (usually priced between 4000 and 50000 yuan, similar to master qin craftsmanship and materials, so without master endorsement, it would be much more cost-effective. The difference in price in the selection of materials is better or worse than batch materials, with no more than 3% being able to make high-end qin wood, and the different pianists used, resulting in different prices.) 3 Pure handmade new Chinese fir lacquer guqin (priced between 3000 to 10000 yuan, with a cost similar to that of the old Chinese fir guqin. However, the selected wood is made of new materials, not old materials for inspection, so the cost is lower. However, the probability of deformation and cracking is high. In order to reduce the cost of replacing wood materials, the level of a pianist must not be top-notch, and the price will be relatively low.)
In terms of the current purchase rate of the guqin market, many guqin enthusiasts fall into two misconceptions when choosing guqin: one is the diaosi type, which is cheaper to buy, completely disregarding factors such as guqin quality, timbre, and pianist. They pursue the ability to play as long as possible, ultimately resulting in playing halfway due to poor timbre, hand feel, and other reasons, and cannot start and finish well. The second (tycoon type) is which one is more expensive to buy. Buyers of this type blindly focus on the most expensive qin made by Zhuo Qin, believing that the more expensive the qin, the better. Little do they know how much money they have spent in the process. The qin produced by Jiuyin Guqin Workshop has a wide range of sounds, deep timbre, and long lasting notes, which have the advantage of Eastern cultural characteristics! It also reveals a graceful, profound, and unpredictable mood, meaning, and artistic conception in the sense of music! Moreover, its cost-effectiveness is quite high, without the exaggeration after hype, but only the silence of thick accumulation and thin hair. Teacher Wang Peng, the Wuqin, is indeed good at playing the qin, but due to his fame after the Olympics, The price of the piano made by Professor Wang Peng naturally skyrocketed. In addition to the piano produced by the supervisor, it is necessary to purchase at least 40W of the piano made by Professor Wang Peng. In summary, the qin is not expensive, nor should it be greedy for cheap. The key lies in its high cost-effectiveness, as the saying goes, If a person does not speak, the qin speaks to itself.
A few small details to pay attention to when choosing a guqin: 1. The body (the quality of the body determines the quality of the sound). A good guqin should be sturdy, durable, and well shaped - the strings need to be correctly installed on the body and adjusted in position. The thickness of the body should be kept uniform to ensure stable and unchanging sound quality. 2. The surface of the guqin The quality of the piano surface affects the experience of sound production and playing. A good guqin should have a flat and smooth surface that cannot be felt; the piano surface should be moderately hard, and too hard or too soft can affect the quality of the sound (Choosing the type of string is very important. Some strings have a soft tone and weak expressive power, making them unsuitable for performing high skill repertoire; while others are suitable for performing with high difficulty. Therefore, the selection of strings must be based on one is own playing habits.)

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